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Total Gym Back Exercises

Total Gym Back Exercises

total gym exercises

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Pull-UpFocusing on your upper back is one great way to burn a lot of calories because there's a lot of muscle mass in that area. The sometimes-impossible pull-up is made easier by simply adjusting the height of the glideboard.

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total gym workouts

totalgym workouts

total gym back exercises
Front PulloverTotal Gym's unique front pullover exercise is a great way to strengthen your back and stretch simultaneously. Shortened muscles can throw the spine out of alignment and cause back pain. Stretching exercises lengthen those muscles and relieve back pain.

Total Gym works back and shoulders
totalgym exercises

total gym back workout

totalgym back workouts
Iron Cross/Snow AngelWeak muscles are often the reason for back pain, especially lower back pain. With Chuck Norris' favorite exercise, the Iron Cross (also known as Snow Angel for you ladies), you'll easily build muscle in that crucial area that supports your spine.

Total Gym works back and shoulders
total gym back exercises

totalgym back exercises

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Reverse Fly with RotationTotal Gym's versatility makes working out fun - the reverse fly with rotation is just one example of how you can manipulate a basic exercise and turn it into a whole new exercise. One that will even help you with everyday movements!

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