Total Body Gym Celebrity Endorsers

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris of course needs no introduction. The martial artist, action movie star, actor and author is known around the world. Chuck Norris has a very demanding lifestyle and needs the best equipment in order to keep in tip-top shape. After all, the martial arts demand a level of fitness far beyond most normal sports. That’s why Chuck depends on his Total Gym equipment. As a matter of fact the Total Gym is the only fitness equipment system that he uses. Chuck has endorsed the Total Body Gym for 30 years because he knows he can rely on it for a total body workout.

Chuck explains further, "What attracted me to the Total Gym 30 years ago is the same reason I still use it today... it delivers RESULTS! I feel better now than I did when I was in my thirties. Let's be honest, no one, including me, would use a product for 30 minutes, let alone 30 years if it didn't work. Total Gym provides an entire gym full of equipment in ONE machine and best of all, it takes just 10-20 minutes a day to reshape your body into the body you've always wanted. Imagine what it would feel like to be a slimmer, stronger, healthier version of you. Go ahead and get started today. I know it will work for you... you have nothing to lose but pounds and inches!"

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley is a world famous model and actress. She has relied on her Total Gym to stay in shape and keep her trim figure for over 10 years now. Christie’s passion for the versatility of the Total Gym has even led her to develop several Pilates moves that she does in conjunction with her Total Body Gym. She says that they are just as effective as performing moves on the Pilates reformer!

Christie explains, "Unlike any other piece of equipment in the world, the Total Gym is fast, fun and easy. I have never used anything that has been so effective, so fast! The Total Gym will get you into shape faster and better than you would ever think possible. Once you try it, you'll be hooked for life!"

Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes is a world famous actor and action star, martial artist and movie producer. He is also a huge fan of his Total Gym. Wesley depends on his Total Body Gym to keep him in the utmost physical condition in order to keep up with his demanding film roles and practice of the martial arts. As a matter of fact he depends on it so much that he always has it with him no matter where he is in the world. He routinely uses it to get in a quick workout while on lunch break. He also says that he finds it to be a great stress reliever.

Wesley states, "I like the fact that you can move from exercise to exercise quickly. I can be real specific with the muscle group I'm working on. You can even stretch with the equipment as well as build muscle tone. Everything is engaged!"

Janine Turner

Janine Turner is a world famous actress, producer and author. Janine always enjoyed working out but says that she had trouble finding the time because of her heavy schedule. While on a movie set with Chuck Norris a few years ago she asked Chuck how he and his wife stayed so fit. Once Chuck let her in on the secret she immediately bought a Total Body Gym. She now routinely makes sure she has her Total Gym with her whenever she’s filming so she can get a total body workout any time she has a break.

Janine states, "I think the biggest surprise and biggest reward for me using the Total Gym is that I can get great results in not a lot of time... it's hard to find time in the day to workout... never did I know that I could work on the Total Gym for 15 minutes a day and see results!"

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