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Total Gym is sweeping the nation. It helps you feel great by regaining confidence in yourself; it is masterfully designed to help you lose weight, build muscle, and increase stamina.

TotalGym is the culmination of multiple machines, combined into one easy to use system. Its smooth design and convenient all-in-one capabilities are unparalleled. There has never been an easier solution to your fitness quandaries than the Total Gym. Save money and time, gain confidence, and sculpt the body you have always wanted. What could be better?

Working out is a test of your endurance, stamina, and energy level. More importantly, it is a test of your mental relationship with exercise. If you dread even the thought of a workout, you probably won’t do it, and you definitely won’t stick with a routine.

Chuck Norris has stuck to his TotalGym routine for well over 30 years. He and Christie Brinkley are just two of several celebrities and athletes to endorse the home exercise system. It works for them, and it will work for you. With thousands of Total Gym reviews out there, you can rest assured that you are getting the best home exercise machine for your money, and you deserve it!

TotalGym has many great features. Some enthusiasts swear by the simple manipulation of the machine from one exercise to the next. Others love the impact of the resistance technology – it is easy on your joints while providing your muscles a solid workout.

Total Gym XLS is the highest quality and most versatile machine in this family of home exercise systems. The XLS exercise package includes over 80 exercises, all with variations, for you to get started with right away.

Total Gym 3000 is ideal for users looking for a solid machine that can amp up their current routine. It is the midrange option, and it offers you exactly what you need out of an exercise machine. The sleek design and fluid movements give you the optimal workout experience.

Total Gym 2000 is the upgraded version of the previous systems: Total Gym 11, Total Gym 1000, Total Gym 1500, and Total Gym 1700. It combines the best features from each previous model into one comprehensive gym, giving you the crème of the crop. It is perfect for those just starting out, looking to begin an amazing fitness routine.

TotalGym makes exercise enjoyable. You will look forward to your workout knowing it can be straightforward and effective, without causing any pain or wasting any energy.

Both experts and everyday users agree that this home exercise system changes lives. With an essentially limitless number of Total Gym exercises to choose from, even the fittest of users will never get bored or lose motivation. The machine is there to work with your healthy lifestyle, to enhance the quality of your life, not make it more stressful. Each one comes standard with a Total Gym manual to help you further your success with your system.

Are you ready to take the first step toward the new and improved you?

TotalGym offers you an amazing, muscle-burning cardio experience, with an ultra-convenient fully assembled design to help you hit the ground running right when your system arrives. Thousands agree that TotalGym is the best. Order yours today!

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